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Celebrating all that is Good Clean and Fair about food and drink in Wales and working to make it accessible to everyone.

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Slow Food

Slow Food Cymru Wales is part of the wider Slow Food in the UK and Slow Food International movements. We are a national group working at regional levels developing our networks across the country. We celebrate all that is wonderful about Wales. We have the simple mission of – Good, Clean and Fair Food for all. Everyone is welcome.

Being part of a global network with thousands of members worldwide means your membership provides you with a unique opportunity to network with like minded people. We link the pleasure of good food with a commitment to the local community and our environment. We want you to reconnect with where your food is from and how it is produced so you can understand the importance of your food choices.

Wales is renowned worldwide for the quality of all of its produce. From the land and sea Welsh products are highly sought after. Our aim is to preserve our bio-diversity and heritage for future generations.



Ark of Taste

Our Supporters

Ark of Taste

The Ark of Taste project seeks to preserve ‘Forgotten Foods’ that are in danger of being lost as a result of our fast paced lives and intensive food production methods. By promoting these small-scale producers we are able to safeguard traditional Welsh products and return them to market.

A number of Welsh products are already included in the Ark of Taste; South Wales Mountain sheep, Traditional Caerphilly Cheese, Bardsey Island Apple, Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep, Pedigree Welsh Pig, Penclawdd Cockles and Denbigh Plum.

We are working on adding more.

Cooks Alliance

Through the Cooks Alliance we work with local cooks and chefs who support our values and who promote sustainable food and local producers. We also encourage them to use ingredients from the Ark of Taste in their menu creation. We are actively seeking new members so welcome applications.

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We are a group of likeminded people with a passion for the way our food is produced. We believe in the core principles of good, clean and fair food for all and are in the process of growing our network across Wales. The more members we have the more activity will be created.

Are you up for helping shape the movement in Wales? We are actively seeking new members and business supporters that believe in the same principles. We work on a circular basis that everyone matters; producers, farmers, chefs, consumers. We are all activists!

Slow Food recognises the strong connections between people, planet, plate, politics and culture. Lets make a difference together.


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